Hela Global History


It all began over 100 years ago - since then Hela offers its customers the world of spices.

In 1905 Hermann Laue established the company in Hamburg. The company objective was to trade spices and raw materials for butchers.



When the father died, his sons Rudolf and Dr. Kurt Laue took over the business. Rudolf Laue was responsible for purchasing and Dr. Kurt Laue for production, production development and marketing.

Due to Dr. Kurt Laue´s initiative the companies objective changed from trading raw materials to spice blends. He had the idea of ​​the portioned spice pouches like salt, sweeteners and flavourings for dishes. In the early 60s Dr.Kurt Laue introduced the first spice ketchup in the German market..

Since the death of Rudolf and Dr. Kurt Laue (1978 and 1983) the owner of the company is Björn Laue (son of Fr Martha and Hr. Kurt Laue).



Worldwide Hela serve customers in the food retail sector, the food processing sector and in the catering and gastronomy sector.

This international customer base is supported through a global network of subsidiaries and distribution partners. Hela began in the mid-70s with the establishment of subsidiaries in Austria and Switzerland. Till 1987 subsidiaries in Singapore, Canada and France were founded. In 1991 Hela engaged in a cooperation in the Netherlands which is today the Hela Thissen company. Another 10 years later Hela Spice Chile, and Hela Spice Australia entered the Hela network. Since 2004 Hela also operate its own plant in China, Jinan.


All together the Hela worldwide network consists out of 9 subsidiaries and over 40 independent agencies.